/‘Leaf’ us alone

‘Leaf’ us alone

To the Editor, 

While we have been at home not being able to travel and spend our money to entertain ourselves, our council has been busy figuring out how to relieve us of some of that money. Two bucks to dump a bag of leaves? Surely you jest. Just what do they plan to do with this newfound money? Will they lower taxes? Or fix our roads? Or will they just sit on it until they can find another pet project they can spend money on? 

Don’t count the money too soon, as I suspect the leaf dumping at the landfill will grind to a halt. With this nickel-and-dime money grab, people will find other was to get rid of their yard waste. 
If you want an example, come to the mouth of the Gull River on a Friday evening or Saturday morning to watch a flotilla of cut grasses, leaves, cut brush and any other yard waste that floats enter Gull Lake and wash up on the north shore as compost. It’s not a pretty sight. 
Council should rethink this poor decision. I know I will on the next municipal election. 

Jack Sward