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To the Editor

Recently I have been helping at the Minden Community Food Centre kitchen  on Newcastle Street. Wow. What a wonderful experience it has been. The recent flooding has brought out hundreds of volunteers to help in many ways. I am not able to fill sandbags but I thought  that I could help make sandwiches and cookies and whatever else needs preparing. The product of our labours was taken to the volunteers who were working hard at several site to fill  and tie and tote sandbags all over the inundated town. As well hot meals were served each evening to anyone who could get to the Food Centre and some were hand delivered – even by boat – to those who couldn’t.
I cannot express how impressed I am with the efforts of a great group of volunteers under the warm friendly yet firm leadership of Marilynne Lesperance and her tireless gang. I met some really super folks there …and was especially happy to see a bunch of guys there pitching right in with the ladies. I saw many familiar faces there as well. Also Joanne Barnes and Kim Russell and their food bank crew should also be congratulated.
Bravo to you all!
Since I just live around the corner I expect and look forward to being coerced into helping any time they can use me.
(L’esperance means hope and Marilynne’s attitude should give us all hope every day.)

Sinclair Russell