/Letter: Gratitude for the kindness of strangers

Letter: Gratitude for the kindness of strangers

To the Editor

On a recent sunny day in the Highlands Haliburton County leant us a helping hand. We were driving along Highway 118 on the way to visit our parents when we came around a corner through the rock cut and hit a patch of black ice. Before we knew it we were upside down hanging by our seatbelts. Luckily  we walked away unhurt. We witnessed the kindness of strangers and of the police paramedics and volunteer firefighters of Minden Hills who came to our aid.

Thank you to Richard the man who saw us crash and stopped to help. He held our dachshund Frankie while we crawled out of the wreckage and he let us warm up and collect ourselves in his truck while he directed traffic. Thank you to the man whose name we didn’t catch and who we almost hit who also stopped to direct traffic and avoid any further accidents.

Thank you to the paramedics police and volunteer firefighters for your quick response and professionalism.

You all made an unfortunate situation less so – and we are forever grateful.

Melissa and Chris Stasiuk