/Letter to the Editor: March 30

Letter to the Editor: March 30

Public boat launch has benefits

To the Editor,

Re: Minden Hills says no to Bob Lake boat launch (The Times, March 16)

I encourage the Minden Hills council and Bob Lake Association to pursue options to re-establish the public boat launch.

We have a cottage nearby, on Minden Lake. I do not currently own a boat bigger than a canoe, but see multiple benefits from the public launch on our lake:

The public launch supports shoreline preservation – a key goal of Minden Hills – by reducing the need to establish boat launches on individual properties.

It gives access for initiatives protecting lake health, fish and wildlife species, and monitoring for invasive species, toxic algae bloom and other issues. Our waterways and our health are interconnected.

Provincial police used our public boat launch recently for an urgent search operation; they could quickly access the lake from the launch and use it as a staging area.

Kudos to Councillor Pam Sayne for supporting further talks. A new site for the Bob Lake launch has already been established. The finish line is in sight. With some creativity among interested parties, the cost issue can be addressed and this important project completed.

Ian Kinross