/Letters to the Editor: April 27

Letters to the Editor: April 27

The following are letters to the editor published in the April 27 edition of the Minden Times.

A vision for the cultural centre comes to council 

To the Editor,

In the last few weeks over 30 friends of the Minden Hills Cultural Centre (MHCC) concerned with recent events at the MHCC came together to collaborate on a vision for its future. Out of this collaboration, a clear vision and a plan for its achievement were developed along with a presentation to Minden Hills council. This presentation is now on the agenda of the council’s April 28th meeting.

The friends of MHCC is a diverse group representing local interested citizens and organizations supporting the Agnes Jamieson Gallery, the Minden Hills Museum and Heritage Village, Nature’s Place as well as artists and members of the education and environmental communities. This partnership has resulted in a shared plan for the growth and development of MHCC which collectively we believe will provide a valuable contribution to Minden Hills and the extended community going forward.

We encourage all interested parties to attend the council meeting (please check the Minden Hills web site https://mindenhills.ca/ for meeting details) and we look forward to further dialog with the council, Minden Hills township staff and the community at large on our recommendations.

We would like to thank everyone for their contributions to the presentation. We will publish the presentation when released by the council and provide updates going forward on our web site MHCCF.ca.

Neil Briggs 
on behalf of the directors of the Minden Hills Cultural Centre Foundation

Music no longer by the Gull?

To the Editor:

For weeks, months, even years now, I’ve waited patiently for a musical revival down by the riverside and now I hear that there may be no more Music By The Gull.

What seemed to be a temporary loss to the pandemic now may be gone forever. Oh, Minden still may have music on summer Friday nights, but I will have to leave the old village for the fairgrounds to hear it if only all the details can be worked out. Those details will make life more efficient and put cars back on Water Street on summer Friday evenings. Or so I’m told.

All that will be lost is what made those evenings special, almost Leacockian, immersed in the life of a village, the life of my village. Evenings that would fit into Stephen Leacock’s Sunshine Sketches.

I unfold my chair and set it in the space Jim and Ghalina saved for me and listen to the music as I watch the cars drift by on Main Street. More traffic behind me, geese and humans paddling down the river.

I listen to Gord or to Trina, remember Zoe or George. Watch a young woman pull an old man out of his chair to join the dancers prancing on the pavement.

Watch a merchant pause for a few licks on the ice cream cone he just bought across the bridge, watch him listen to a few guitar licks by Jeff, then head back to his store.

A night out within walking distance if you live in town. Two visitors push a stroller through this unexpected dance party and stop to listen, perhaps to wonder what’s going on. A pre-schooler is up, trying the Texas two-step on his own.

A breeze cools the evening and sunlight turns to twilight, but I don’t want to refold my chair and go home. I don’t want Music By The Gull to ever end, but evidently it has.

That makes me sad.

Neil Campbell

An invitation to a Rotary information session 

To the Editor,

The Minden Rotary is so fortunate to have had such a committed group of mass vaccination clinic volunteers. They dedicated hours and hours of their time to be sure our community was vaccinated. We continue to celebrate their contributions.

During the clinic, volunteers and clients alike both expressed an interest in learning more about Rotary, its activities around the world and here at home in our own community. We are planning an information Zoom meeting and Minden Rotary members would like to invite anyone who would enjoy learning more about Rotary to this information meeting on Monday, June 13 from 7 to 8 p.m. To participate in the Zoom please call Sally 705-286-4922 or send an email to info@sunnyrockbb.ca with the subject: “Rotary Around the World.”

Sally Moore
Minden Rotary