/Letters to the Editor: March 23

Letters to the Editor: March 23

The following are Letters to the Editor published in the March 23 edition of the Minden Times.

Maintaining Haliburton’s history 

To the Editor,

There currently is a proposal to erase the history of one of our first settlers by changing the name of Brown Island in Soyers Lake. Haliburton Genealogy confirms the Brown family was enumerated as a farm family in the 1881 Canadian census living in Minden township. 

George Brown and his wife Annie Heard were married in 1901. In 1921 George Brown obtained a Crown Patent for Brown Island. George died in 1939 and Annie died in 1960. They are buried in Haliburton’s Evergreen Cemetery.

An applicant has applied to the Ontario Government to change the name of Brown Island to the name of his contractor friend. This process should not be about crediting a contractor friend but about maintaining Haliburton history. Haliburton has several other very good contractors. The applicant should look at other ways to honour Lee Blair without destroying Haliburton history. He states in the newspapers “confusion about the island’s name” and gives other names.

In my family’s connection to the lake since 1956 that is not correct.

All pertinent maps refer to the island as “Brown Island” including Canadian Topographical, Ontario Lakes, Google, Backroad Mapbook, Soyers Lake News Letters, and Haliburton County 911 Address Book (released 2005). There currently is an Ontario Government survey ontario.ca/page/geographic-names requesting opinions regarding the name change from “Brown Island” to “Lee Blair Island.”

To provide your opinion regarding this, please fill out the survey which must be submitted by March 31, 2022. Destroying the honour bestowed upon our original settlers, the Brown family, our history and heritage should not be allowed.

Ron May

Support climate action this Friday

To the Editor, 

Are you concerned about the provincial, national, and global lack of commitment to respond effectively to our climate crisis? Do you feel that the measures over the last couple of years required to control the spread of COVID-19, including the great financial costs, have in addition to the global human suffering resulted in another serious delay in climate action? Have you missed being together with family and friends but also want to work directly with other people towards social justice and environmental protection? Do you believe that participatory democracy demands of us something more than casting a ballot every election cycle? Well friends and neighbours of Haliburton County, you are not alone!

Community members and visitors of all ages are invited by Environment Haliburton! and Concerned Citizens of Haliburton County to join together this Friday the 25th from 12 noon to 1 p.m. at Haliburton Village’s Head Lake Park. While gathered in front of the old locomotive you will be participating in a Fridays for Future (FFF) “# PeopleNOTProfit” peaceful, global action for climate change. Like the folks in Bracebridge, Peterborough and Huntsville, we will be joining millions on all continents in 700 locations!

Why strike? FFF knows not enough is being done to limit global warming, unites behind the science, and wants those in power to take the facts seriously and act accordingly. “We strike for our own future but also for the future of coastal peoples, farmers, Indigenous people, and others who are already suffering because of climate change. Scientists have been demanding this for 50 years and haven’t been listened to, and that is why we are taking to the streets. Non-violent protesting is an effective way to bring change.”

Come join us on Friday. If you’re driving by please give us a friendly honk or wave.

John Gibb