/Letters to the Editor: Nov. 17

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 17

Letters to the Editor published in the Nov. 17 edition of the Minden Times.

A fun moment for the kids 

To the Editor,

Thank you!!!

I brought the paper into the before school program this morning and the children were absolutely thrilled to see themselves and their friends in it. They all gathered around and reminisced about what had happened that day. It was such an amazing moment and I cannot express how much we appreciate you including us in the paper!

Have a great day,

Lindsay Jowett
Compass ELC Archie Stouffer/Minden

Plowing crisis 

To the Editor, 

The following is an open letter to MPP Laurie Scott, submitted to the Minden Times.

I am sure you are aware of the issue facing so many of us in the riding. Many of your constituents, like me, live in places where no level of government will plow the small roads and right of ways that we live on. We must, by necessity, hire people to plow our roads and driveways.

Recent increases in insurance have astronomically increased the amount that contractors must pay for insurance. In response, many of these independent contractors have simply abandoned plowing. Those that remain must charge higher and higher rates. We lost the person who plowed our road as he simply couldn’t pay the new insurance amount. Nor could he find anyone willing to take over his business.

This is a true crisis. Without plowing, homes will be inaccessible. These are not cottages, these are full-time homes. Plowing is not an “option” – it is a necessity.

And as you may be aware, many of your constituents are on low or fixed incomes. But even those with the means to pay may not be able to find anyone to plow.

This is something that only the provincial government can solve. What is the government doing about this crisis?

Jim Love
(one kilometre from the
nearest plowed road)