Soon we will be feeling the pain of Remembrance Day again. My father and grandfather would not recognize the attitude of Canadians that we are seeing lately. Our family lost one pilot in the last world war and we always remind ourselves how fortunate we were to have lost only one person in our immediate family.
The contrast between the generations of then and now is mind numbing.

How did we arrive at the mind set here people are demonstrating in front of hospitals to brag that they have the right to refuse to be vaccinated? My uncle fought for the people of Europe because he felt that they had the right to live. My father-in-law and all of his brothers went to war for the same reason. Oh how I wish that their sacrifices could have been as simple as getting a few shots in their arm to protect the lives of strangers. One of those strangers was to become my mother-in-law. She took a remarkably courageous risk to follow her heart and immigrate to Canada. She never was to see her parents again. As a young woman she was a messenger for the Dutch underground. She was not proud or boastful regarding the sacrifices she made to protect others during the war. She did what was needed to protect the starving Dutch people and the soldiers who were trying to protect all of Europe.

Some Canadians have said that they don’t trust the science behind the vaccines but what it appears they are saying is ‘I won’t risk a negative reaction to protect others’.
What have we become?

Heather May