/Malcolm the Magnificent 

Malcolm the Magnificent 

Some people leave behind an incredibly big void when they go.

Malcolm MacLean was one of those people.

Malcolm passed away last week at 65 years of age a vibrant life cut short after a battle with a disease that seems to take so many of us.

Haliburton County is a community of volunteers. They make its wheels go round. The community could not function could not exist without its many volunteers and chief among them was Malcolm.

It’s said that the noblest cause is to serve others and if that’s true then Malcolm was a nobleman.

Whether he was emceeing any number of events working a Rotary fundraiser or cooking in the kitchen at the Minden Legion where he was a valued member Malcolm was a fixture. He was at everything. He was at the centre of everything.

Perhaps most notable was Malcolm’s devotion to volunteer radio station Canoe FM. As passionate about music as he was community he dedicated countless hours over more than a decade helping to mold the personality of the station. Hosting shows including but not limited to Tripping Over the Roots Peak of the Week and Up and Coming Malcolm was one of the station’s most prominent and recognizable voices. He was also a great supporter and promoter of local musicians hosting live-to-air performances at the station’s radio hall.

But he wasn’t just a giant presence on the air. Malcolm committed hours upon hours to committee and board meetings poring over policies and regulations and show proposals. He was still president of the station when he passed away last week. I served with him on Canoe FM’s programming committee and it turns out that a programming committee meeting was the last time I would ever see Malcolm.

A poignant reminder that we never know when the last goodbye is going to be.

A retired educator Malcolm was a natural leader who moved with an undeniable sense of purpose. With an acerbic wit and wonderful sense of humour Malcolm was a thinker a communicator and a mediator.

He was the walking embodiment of community service.

Malcolm was my friend and I know for many of you reading this your friend as well.

While a giant has left the control room his songs will play on.

Condolences to Lee and his family.