/Merry Minden! 

Merry Minden! 

To the Editor

I would like to congratulate everyone involved in the merrying of Minden Village.
There have been a series of near perfect happenings over the last week or so that have resulted in a wonderful warm and welcoming feeling throughout the town.
And moreover it was a team effort all the way. The township’s Community Services Department needs to heartily applauded. The stars of the various “shows” were/are Elisha Weiss Ruth O’Connell and Laurie Carmount. The Santa Claus Parade The Festival of Trees The Christmas Craft show and the delightful Lights and Delights events were all top notch efforts. They must be tired little elves by now. They need to know that their efforts are much appreciated by the lazy and uninspired rest of us.
The list of volunteers that helped make all of this happen is immense. But special credit needs to be given to Mary McCrae (the Empress of Ingoldsby) for her tireless attitude in getting the town dressed for the season. Her group of “volun-tolds” worked together with Elisha and the CSD guys to produce a fresh new holiday look for Main Street. Both Mary and Elisha are like Ever Ready Bunnies…..whoops wrong holiday.
Most sincerely and without the usual sarcasm I am very happy and proud to continue to play a small part in the festive proceedings.

Sinclair Russell