/New Year's rant

New Year's rant

To the Editor

Drivers in this county are a concern for many reasons.

1. The Over the Line Driver. I travel South Lake Road often on my way to Minden. Drivers coming towards you especially big trucks are constantly over the centre line on most corners causing one to take the edge of the road to avoid a collision. Private snow plow drivers whose plow is wider than their truck have their plow over the line making you move over.

2. The Tailgater: Sitting on one’s bumper trying to pass on a road with no passing areas is a recipe for an accident! Should an animal jump out on the road and instant breaking results the tailgater will end up in your trunk! Please keep your distance.

3. The Speed Sign Ignorer: Why do cars go 60 in an 80 zone and speed up to 80 when the speed drops to 60? They seem oblivious to the speed signs entirely! Of course in our extreme weather conditions one should drive according to those weather conditions!

4. The Lane Changer: At Hwy 35 and South Lake Road the car sits in the left turn lane and on the green light continues straight through the intersection on to Newcastle with no signal indication cutting you off!

One must learn to be a very defensive driver to keep you and your car safe! You never know what the driver around you is going to do next! Good luck!

Lois Rigney

Canning Lake