/Questioning validity of complaints

Questioning validity of complaints

To the Editor,

In response to your recent article, Health unit order to shut down outdoor hot tubs has resort owners boiling, and as one of those owners, the Health Unit has indicated that ‘Since this decision, our health unit has received several complaints of other travel accommodations within our jurisdiction operating private backyard domestic spas on their premises. We are required to follow-up with such complaints and have done so,’ health protection division manager Richard Ovcharovich wrote.

I strongly doubt that there were any other complaints, especially as both Sandy Lanes Resort and Buttermilk Falls Resort were visited on the same day (and Sandy Lanes didn’t even have tubs in operation, and hadn’t since the preceding April). The only complaints we have ever had at Buttermilk Falls are when the tubs are not working, or when guests cannot book a cottage with a tub because they are already booked. I would love to see proof of these complaints, but I suspect they will indicate that they are confidential.

Stephen Orr
Buttermilk Falls Resort