/Respect goes a long way

Respect goes a long way

To the Editor

My partner and I hike in QE2 and we have definitely seen a lot of cars trucks ATVs and trailers parked. It is supposed to be a road not a parking lot. It does make it hard to navigate and this could be dangerous – what if we had an accident in the park and needed to get out quickly. If I lived in the area that would concern and frustrate me.

Busy weekends like Labour Day we had to step off trail countless times (more than 200 – I kid you not as we started counting) so vehicles could pass. It kind of takes the fun out of hiking. Not to mention the loss of the peace and tranquility. I have also seen people using private driveways and if I was a homeowner in the area it would upset me

a lot. Respect goes a long way. For people private property and our environment.

Jody Greenlaw