/Scott’s words ‘Trumped’ by Ford's actions

Scott’s words ‘Trumped’ by Ford's actions

To the Editor,
Laurie Scott, nothing you have said to defend or justify the cuts to
our libraries stands up under scrutiny. During the announcement of these
cuts in the legislature, you nodded and clapped along with your
Have you ever requested a
book or other information source through an inter-library loan in order
to prepare for and complete an academic assignment, or to enrich your
knowledge in an area of interest? Maybe one of your favourite author’s
books was not available in your smaller local library, and you were able
to enjoy reading it because you had been able to borrow it from a
library in another community somewhere in Ontario.
of the possibilities suggested above were made possible through the
allotment of public funding sufficient to permit the Ontario Library
Services to meet its original mission of equalizing access to
information for all residents of Ontario, no matter the size of their
community or the budget and resource limitations of their local
Now, let’s have a look at how
Haliburton residents’ equal access to information has been supported by
the “Government working for the People,” and its “plan to put everyday
workers and families first.” The website for our Haliburton County
Public Library makes this crystal clear: 
Notice of changes to interlibrary loan service.
April 18, HCPL will no longer provide interlibrary loan service. This
service allowed patrons to access books in libraries all over Ontario.
MPP Scott, you may need to amend the following notice on your own website – potentially on a weekly basis:
are a wide variety of services available in our community! Learn more
about the local services available to you and your family.”
John Gibb