/Surrounded by dummies 

Surrounded by dummies 

By Jim Poling

Published Aug. 31 2017

So much to do but so many stupid people in the way. You can’t get important stuff done when surrounded by incompetents.

Precious time wasted trying to get them focused. More time lost looking for replacements when you fire them or when they quit because they can’t take the heat.
Take the case of Crazy Donnie the American president. He has brilliant plans to make America great again. Yet his own Republican legislators are too thick and slow to move his genius ideas through Congress.
Scaredy-cats like Senator John McCain who gets brain cancer then decides to vote against repealing that disastrous Obamacare health coverage law. What can you expect from someone who gets shot down and becomes a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

As President Donnie has said he likes people who don’t get taken prisoner.
Then there’s that other Republican senator from Arizona – Jeff Flake. Totally toxic. Really weak on crime and Mexican invaders. Maybe ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio will run against him now that his Presidential Pardon means he won’t have to go to prison for race-related crimes.
And Mitch McConnell the good ole boy who has been around Washington forever. He is the Senate majority leader but couldn’t herd a cow on a leash let alone enough senators to put the president’s important ideas into law.

As President Donnie tweeted: “He failed! That should NEVER have happened!”
Then there’s Paul Ryan the House majority leader who wouldn’t understand a debt ceiling if it fell on his head.
The White House staff has been no better. Most of the important in-house advisors have had to be fired or have run off. The West Wing has gone through two national security advisors two communications directors a press secretary one chief of staff and a chief strategist.

That’s not to mention the acting attorney-general and the FBI director both fired.
How can a president get anything done with that kind of staff? He can’t do it all himself. There’s not enough time especially when he has to be at a golf course at least a couple of times a week. Building a wall to seal off Mexico still hasn’t happened. The entire U.S. government might have to be shut down to get that done.

Meanwhile America’s billionaires are becoming impatient waiting for tax reform to fatten their wallets. Afghanistan won’t go away. NAFTA might have to be terminated because of the Canadian communists. Who wants to negotiate with people whose prime minister has a tattoo?

It’s all a mess. You wonder if it’s worth the effort. Perhaps President Donnie should just chuck it all and go back to counting money at Trump Tower in New York. The Tower is a lot more comfortable than the White House which the president told some golf buddies is a real dump.
If he did decide to go back to the Tower he would be leaving a winner. He already is the best president ever according to his tweets and speeches.
A buddy of his writing recently in the Chicago Times says that Trump has created an average 30000 new jobs for black people each month since becoming president. Also that the number of black people with a job has risen by 600000 since last year and black people’s wages and incomes are up under Trump.
Truly remarkable.

The crooked media however refuses to report any of this outstanding progress. Like Donnie says journalists are sickos determined to divide the country by distributing fake news. They refuse to recognize his brilliance instead painting him as vacuous and having an insatiably hungry ego.
So who could blame him for packing up and going back to Trump Tower? There he gets the respect he deserves and he is surrounded by people willing to kneel and kiss his ring.
I’m betting he’ll throw his hands in the air and walk out. So are the bookies.
PaddyPower an Irish gambling site places the odds of Trump resigning at an all-time high of 6/4. That’s betting there is a 60 per cent chance of him resigning.

When he does Americans will be left fending for themselves. Left with only the memories of his greatest
statements like: "Nobody builds walls better than me. Believe me."