/Letters to the EditorLetters to the EditorTo the editorSharon Lawrence

Letters to the EditorLetters to the EditorTo the editorSharon Lawrence

To the editor

I recently learned that the Minden council had posted the Minden Hills municipal cultural plan on their website. The report was prepared by Novita Interpares Limited Toronto Ontario in 2012. Many people who contributed to the brainstorming session four years ago at the Minden Hills Community Centre have waited patiently to read the recommendations. Thank you Minden council for finally posting said background report and cultural plan.

It is hoped that the council of Minden Hills and the Minden Hills Cultural Centre will embrace and implement the recommendations in this cultural plan and that our elected officials will provide guidance and leadership so that the plan becomes a reality.

The visual arts literary arts natural history heritage and genealogy of the community must be treated equally at the MHCC. We must protect the cultural assets we already have and showcased them in a way that meets the needs and differences of the permanent and season residents as well as enticing tourists Haliburton County residents neighboring communities international visitations and beyond as it did in the past.

In 2017 all Canadians will celebrate the 150th birthday of Canada. Communities across Canada are already enthusiastically planning for this celebration. The Minden Hills Cultural Centre is in a unique position because it already possesses some special Canadian collections heritage buildings and collectibles which could be showcased throughout the summer and fall of 2017. Planning should start ASAP.

Sharon Lawrence