/Thank you River Cone

Thank you River Cone

To the Editor

We would like to say thanks to the team at River Cone for hosting the open air showing of the Tragically Hip concert last Saturday night.  They build a special outdoor screen specifically for the broadcast made sure that any technical issues were quickly resolved went out of their way to manage lights from the store and treated all of us to hot popcorn.  Can’t speak for anyone else but we felt that we were connected to the hundreds of other communities across the country who were joined together to watch this quintessentially Canadian event

It is thoughtful voluntary acts of kindness like this that make Minden such a strong vital community. Nothing better exemplifies Minden’s community spirit than the River Cone team’s unprompted generosity in hosting last Saturday’s Hip concert. We are all very fortunate to have such big-hearted businesses in our town.

Patricia and Patrick Walshe