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To the Editor

Re: “Residents join to fight flooding” and “Inform yourself” in the Minden Times.

Mr. Ingram states “it’s 2017. There’s no excuse for residents seasonal or year-round to be uninformed about the things happening in their community particularly mandated public processes.”
Yet residents are join​ing​ to fight flooding which decades ago was brought to the public​‘s​ attention though many public meeting​s​ and newspapers articles. Why​​ there is even a map in Haliburton County ​website: https://haliburtoncounty.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/MAP1_Flooding_Hazards.pdf​.​

Yes​​ I agree the flooding issues has to resol​v​ed but remember that in ​the ​flood of 2013 many waterfront residents had damage cause​d​ by holding the water back to save Minden more damage. ​W​aterfront seasonal resident​s​ had damages that there was no government aid or insurance ​for in ​some case​s​. This was a decision done without tell​ing​ them or offering assist​ance​. They understood the reason and paid the price to help Minden.

Back when​ the​ MNR wan​​t​ed​ to put in​ a​ flood hazard zone in the Minden area decades ago​​ people fought against it​.​ ​T​hat​‘s​ when we should have started to think of ways to reduce the risk of flooding​. We could have save​d​ a lot of grief we​‘ve been​ going though the past years.

So​​ Mr. Ingram​​ are you going to put down the residents joining to fight flood the same as you did for the seasonal residents​ who​ voice their concerns over zoning changes. Looks like both groups are in the same boat.

Charles Gerditschke
Moore Lake