/1st Annual Student Art Exhibition a success
A large crowd came out to support the wonderfully talented young artists from ASES. /TIM YANO Special to the Times

1st Annual Student Art Exhibition a success

by Thomas Smith

Archie Stouffer Elementary School and Agnes Jamieson Gallery were ecstatic to showcase local young artist’s talent this past weekend at the opening reception of the 1st Annual Student Art Exhibition.

There was a wide range of artists that participated. Submissions were open from kindergarten to grade 8. 22 artworks by students were submitted for the exhibition.

“We really hope the community will come down and support the arts,” says April Austen, member of ASES Council, “this will showcase what the kids are doing at home and bring the community all together.” April Austen was instrumental in bringing this exhibition to life, as well as Shannon Kelly, Manager of Cultural Services.

“School council was instrumental in this,” assures Austen, “we saw a need and try to help out where there is a need.”

A large crowd turned up for the exhibition’s reception including artists, their families, and other art aficionados from the community.

The exhibition included several awards in a variety of categories including Jury’s Choice Award by grade, Jury’s Choice Artwork that best reflects the theme, and a People’s Choice Award. The People’s Choice Award will be voted on by exhibition visitors and will be awarded when the exhibition ends on March 31st.

The exhibition’s jury included Shannon Kelly, Manager of Cultural Services, Robert Wong, Cultural Program Coordinator, and Nadine Papp, staff member of Agnes Jamieson Gallery.

This exhibition is intended to be an annual collaborative exhibition between Archie Stouffer Elementary School and Agnes Jamieson Gallery. They are excited for kids to have the opportunity to showcase their artworks and allow the community to support young artists.

Here are some artist’s statements:

“I painted the Gull River because I feel it is a sign of Minden.  Whenever I’ve been somewhere as soon as I see the river, I know I am in Minden.  I know I am home.  No matter what happens, no matter what changes the river will always be there.”

-Leah Allder, grade 7

“Minden means community and connection.  Minden means acceptance.  Minden means friendship.  Minden means love.”

-Emily Newell, grade 4