/Godfathers re-opening
Godfathers has been fortunate to have wonderfully sunny days for their grand re-opening. /THOMAS SMITH Staff

Godfathers re-opening

by Thomas Smith

“It took so long because we could not find staff,” explains Sydney Murphy, Office Admin and Corporate Trainer from Godfathers. “There’s been a big staffing issue with COVID-19, this store is busy so you can’t run it with only four employees. Here, it is so busy you need a lot of staff.”

“We are still looking, you are always going to have turnover, people that go to school in the fall, or go away for the summer.”

The main question on everyone’s mind: will Godfathers stay open?

“We are hoping,” says Murphy. “It will just be a matter of if staff stay. That’s really what it comes down to.”

“We are very traditional. We like to keep our menu so people know what they can order. It usually doesn’t change,” says Murphy with a laugh.

Murphy and another representative from Godfathers corporate office have been working out of the Minden location to make sure they get staff and make sure staff stay, says Murphy.

“Been fabulous, the reactions and feedback we have gotten and just happy people, they come in and go ‘yay!’ or ‘finally!’, says Murphy with a laugh. “I have been so excited and the weather has definitely contributed. We have had three nice sunny days to get started.”

“It’s been wonderful,” says Murphy, “I couldn’t ask for better.”

“We don’t have delivery yet,” explains Murphy. “We are going to make sure we staff the store inside before we find someone to deliver outside.”

There are no new specials and offer half priced mediums on Tuesdays.

“They have been really good, really receptive. For all them being strangers to each other, they have all collaborated really well and understand what teamwork is.”

“They’re all from the surrounding areas and I was surprised that nobody really knew each other,” says Murphy with a laugh.

“We had a customer last night that was like ‘we had to stop and get pizza, but we are going to our friend’s house and he’s making us pizza’ and I was like ‘then why are you getting pizza?’ and he says ‘well, because you guys were open’.

Needless to say, the re-opening of Godfathers in Minden has been met with excitement.

“Fingers crossed staff stay, that’s all I say,” says Murphy.

During the summer months, the Minden Godfathers location becomes their busiest store.

While the future of Godfathers is uncertain, their team is happily serving hot and delicious pizza for the time being.