/2022 Minden Hills election candidates

2022 Minden Hills election candidates

Here are your Minden Hills candidates on the Oct. 24 ballot. Already acclaimed were Mayor Bob Carter, Deputy Mayor Lisa Schell, and Bob Sisson, Councillor for Ward 3.

Tammy McKelvey,
for Councillor-at-Large

My husband and I have lived in Minden our entire lives. I enjoyed a 39-year career in municipal administration and treasury within the County of Haliburton before retiring in 2019. Municipal government has always been of interest and the utmost importance to me. This has motivated me to run for the Councillor-at-Large position in Minden Hills. I am committed to sharing my knowledge and experience for the betterment of our community.

The most important issue facing our community is lack of housing. I will think outside the box to encourage housing opportunities. I will encourage additional waste reduction opportunities in an effort to reduce waste management costs.

A primary economic engine of our beautiful area is our lakes. I will continue to advocate for the septic re-inspection program, ensuring follow-up is completed for any failing systems. The program is not effective without that follow up.

I will bring my experience, a voice of reason, a common-sense approach, and exemplary municipal financial management skills to the council meetings. I will advocate for long term sustainable financial management and work with my colleagues at the council table collectively to make effective change to the budget priorities in this township.

Trevor Chaulk,
for Councillor-at-Large

I have been a resident for 17 years. I started a successful cabinetry company in Minden and have a great deal of business, financial, and human resources experience. I have a passion for the area as my wife and I have three boys we are raising in our community. I have discussed the good and bad of things that are happening around us locally. 

There have been many issues that have been talked about during past election campaigns and we have seen very little change.

We have noticed a steady decline in our local workforce. Many people are struggling to make ends meet. Our area is in the running for highest poverty in Ontario.

We need housing if we are to attract a local year-round workforce and businesses. In many cases, this starts with renting or purchasing something affordable and having affordable and accessible options for daycare in order to work.

Another concern is our seniors struggling to get the services they need daily. This includes, transportation, daily medical care/support, social activities, basic handywork done on their properties. 

I believe we need to preserve our lakes and waterways. The county has proposed to hire bylaw enforcement officers, but we haven’t been able to find a local planner or fill many other positions in townships and at the county level.

Ivan Ingram, for Ward 1 Councillor

I was born in Newmarket, moved to Minden with my parents and my three sisters in 1968. I worked for the Township of Minden Hills for almost 32 years. I have a unique knowledge of how things are run as an employee as well as upper-level management. I can share that knowledge with my fellow councillors and hopefully use some of it to make better informed decisions that affect all taxpayers. I grew up in Minden and I love this town and I love the people that live here. I want to have a part in giving back to the community and helping it grow over the next four years. Included among the important issues facing residents is attainable and affordable housing through federal, provincial funding opportunities, and private partnerships. Allow trailers as a permitted use on vacant or occupied land and tax them accordingly. Promote tiny homes. Amending the zoning bylaw. I’ll support seasonal and year-round residents, business owners. Minden Hills needs change, fresh ideas, communication and engagement with taxpayers, revitalization in many areas around the community, and fiscal responsibility to meet the community’s needs.

I believe this shoreline preservation bylaw will remain a live document for some time. I agree with what the county has passed but, as bylaw enforcement is implemented, I expect it will be revisited.

Making Minden Hills a preferred place to visit, live, work and retire.

Shirley Johannassen,
for Ward 1 Councillor 

Before we settled up here, we were cottagers on Brady Lake and fell in love with the area. We eventually moved up in 2006 when we purchased a business in Algonquin Highlands which we have since sold.

So many residents have stated we need new people with a fresh perspective and I started to consider running. I believe in serving our community and have no personal agenda. I asked family, friends, customers, and residents and was surprised at the overwhelming support and encouragement I received.

If elected, I will be your voice and your ears. I will listen to all your concerns and commit to gain agreement, education, or negation if warranted by our town. I do not have a personal agenda. I just would like to serve the community and be your voice.

There are so many concerns that we need to address: Road and other infrastructure maintenance, including boat launches and boardwalks. Protecting our community’s natural beauty and shorelines without increasing government encroachment on property rights. Regarding poverty and housing, I would talk to professionals involved in residential rentals and seek new ways to partner with others for multi-use development. 

I will advocate for you and your family and seek to put honor and trust back into public service.

Richard Bradley,
for Ward 1 Councillor

I have been coming to Minden for the entirety of my life, starting when I used to spend summer weekends and weeks with my grandmother. My partner, Sandra, and I made the choice to move our family to Minden from Toronto in 2001 when we purchased our first home near the centre of town. We believed that Minden was a community where we could raise our children with a quality of life that we desired and aspired to have.

I have been interested in local politics since I was in my youth when I often heard my neighbour Bill Valentine tell stories about local issues and the importance of giving back to and serving the community.

I hear a lot about roads and road maintenance, affordable housing, fair taxation, protecting the environment, and continued access to local health care.

I want to serve the residents of Ward 1 by treating each individual or group with respect, dignity, and civility while advocating for them and helping people find reasonable, practical and, when possible, negotiated solutions to issues that may arise within the purview of the municipality.

Incumbent Pam Sayne,
for Ward 2 Councillor 

I first owned a cottage on Black Lake. In 1998, we purchased a year-round home in Moore Falls, just three kilometres from the cottage. Thus, I am part of the seasonal and year-round community.

I decided to run for a third term when many community members asked me to. I received good feedback for my role on council and for bringing our issues to the provincial government. See psayne.ca.

There are many critical issues brought to me by residents. We share many issues with other rural municipalities. I am working on the housing crisis, broadband internet connectivity, health and wellbeing (including long-term care, transportation, and environment), access to services, growth and development planning, labour retention and attraction, and climate change. These issues are interrelated.

I would like to mentor and encourage people who are interested in politics. My focus is assisting residents in knowing how governance works so they can engage effectively in changes. Governance is complex with many jurisdictions under law. I want to take the divisive platitudes and conflicts out of governance. I want to contribute to a healthy, peaceful, and strong sense of community.

Stephen Hertel,
for Ward 2 Councillor

I have been a long-time seasonal resident for more than 10 years and a full-time resident for the last six years, located near the Moore Falls area in Ward 2 of our township. I decided a long time ago that, when the next election comes, I’d put my name and experience forward to run in my Ward 2 after not being happy or satisfied with how things were running. My passion for the area and its residents (full-time and seasonal) is paramount because I love everything about life in Haliburton County. 

To name one issue of importance wouldn’t be fair because there are so many collective issues as well as individual issues. Taking care of our people and our lands is paramount. Economic growth through local businesses, jobs, health care, seniors, transportation, employee retention, training and education, infrastructure, and emergency services. 

My main focus is a people first formula that includes everyone and our environment. People need and deserve better integrity, accountability, transparency, and trust for their elected officials. I will always be there for them even if the issues involve unpopular or hard decisions. My dedication to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) for everyone has been a cornerstone in my life.  

This is a nutshell of what you will get with me as Ward 2 councillor.