/Letter to the Editor: Feb. 23

Letter to the Editor: Feb. 23

The following is a Letter to the Editor submitted for the Feb. 23 edition.

Ice racing is family driven

To the Editor, 

This past Family Day weekend of 2022 saw a great group of racers competing once again at the Minden fairgrounds in the CASC Ice Racing Series. 

Taking a closer look at this crazy group of sideways-sliding drivers, it was evident we had many wonderful families who all share the love of auto racing and do it together. You find them all: husbands, wives, their friends, the children and even grandchildren driving and working on their vehicles together. They’re doing whatever it takes to get on the track and have fun, or maybe hope to win a race. Many local families were also on hand to watch and cheer for their favourite cars. 

What a great way to spend the family day weekend! There are two more weekends to catch the action: Feb. 26 to 27, and March 5 to 6.You can follow along on Instagram @iceracedirector and @casc_racing

Perry Mason