/AH council OKs Maple Lake landfill project

AH council OKs Maple Lake landfill project

By James Matthews
Algonquin Highlands council green-lighted a landfill project after a cost-saving measure was agreed to by township staff and a contractor.
Township staff and the contractor that submitted the lowest bid to construct an operations centre at the Maple Lake Waste Disposal Site have managed to shave $74,000 from the project’s cost.
Three bids in answer to a July request for proposals were considered. All rang in significantly more than the budgeted $1-million for the work.
Weir Gradall Ltd. submitted the lowest bid for the work. Their proposal exceeded the budget by $245,000.
“Prices are not the usual,” said Mayor Carol Moffatt. “We’re not alone in the municipal sector in putting out RFPs and getting in prices that are higher than anticipated. That’s not due to poor internal assessment. It’s the way of the world out there.
“Prices are going through the roof in all kinds of things.”

Moffatt said cost estimates for projects will have to be raised in the future.
The project involves clearing of vegetation and construction of a 1.69-hectare area that will become the new material collection and operations centre for the landfill.
Some work will now be done by municipal staff. Project costs will be divided over this year and 2023.
Total revised cost for work to be completed by Weir Gradall is $880,402 plus applicable tax. The costs for work to be done by the township is estimated at $268,500 plus applicable tax.
Total revised estimated project cost is $1,148,902 plus applicable tax.
“I’m more than ready to say move forward with the project,” said Deputy Mayor Liz Danielsen. “I got to say, I’m a little bit disappointed because it looks like all the effort to try and find savings was on our part. Not on the contractor’s part, necessarily.”
To achieve a lower price tag, the municipality has removed some requirements from the initial scope of work.
Weir Gradall estimated their fuel costs would be $195,000 for 110,000 litres of fuel. The township will provide the same amount of petrol at the lower cost of $185,000.
One of the ways to monitor fuel consumption will be by way of a tank on site, said Adam Thorn, public works supervisor for Stanhope.
“We can track it safely and efficiently,” he said.
The contractor was to chip all brush and stockpile chips in a designated location. Savings could be achieved if the contractor stock piles the brush in the adjacent landfill area and those materials will be included with the annual brush chipping operations completed by the township.

The township would provide raw aggregate and the contractor would be responsible for mining and crushing to meet “A” gravel requirements as well as hauling the materials to the Maple Lake site.
Existing township agreements will be used to procure asphalt for ramp areas.
Seeding slopes has been removed from the scope of work expected of the contractor. The township will spread seed at the site.