/AH offers fire safety tips for winter

AH offers fire safety tips for winter

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing, some normally seasonal residents may be choosing to live in their cottages and seasonal homes for the first time this winter, and Algonquin Highlands’ fire chief has some safety tips for those choosing to do so.

“Cottages and other seasonal homes are vulnerable to unsafe conditions that can arise over the winter such as smoke and carbon monoxide alarms that no longer work, and chimneys that have become blocked,” said fire chief Jonathan Wilker in a press release. “Those staying in cottages and seasonal homes should check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and batteries in case they need replacing.”

Other tips include ensuring 911 signs are kept visible, and ensuring all entryways and exits are clear of snow to allow escape in case of fire. This includes making sure windows are not frozen shut so they can be used as a method of escape in an emergency. Private roads and driveways should kept clear of snow in case they need to be accessed by emergency vehicles, and it’s suggested that extra warm clothes and blankets be added to emergency kits.

Additionally, residents are advised to create and practise a home escape plan, and are reminded that generators should never be used inside a building, as they can cause carbon monoxide to build up.