/App helps residents get garbage right

App helps residents get garbage right

App helps residents get garbage right

By Sue Tiffin


questioning how to rid their homes of old electronics, batteries, paint
or styrofoam will soon be able to use an online search tool expected to
make disposal at local landfills easier to navigate.


Highlands and Highlands East will partner to launch the web-based waste
information app, called the “Waste Wizard,” that shares information
about waste, waste diversion, waste disposal site operations and events
to residents, according to Algonquin Highlands operations manager Adam
Thorn and Melissa Murray, environmental co-ordinator.


The Waste Wizard app is already being used throughout Ontario, including by residents in Toronto, Sudbury, Whitby and Muskoka.


offering information about proper disposal, the app also tracks how
users engage with it, giving feedback to townships about searched items.


can help us address our landfill sites as well, if we’re finding people
are really looking for a certain item, maybe that means more education
in the landfill, or more education in signage to show where these items
go,” said Thorn during the May 2 Algonquin Highlands  council meeting.
He added it was possible to customize an educational platform within the
app to offer information about landfill cards and schedules. 


cost for the app increases with fewer lower-tier governments on board.
The annual cost for the application, depending on which one is used, is
approximately $3,000, but is reduced to about $750 with all four
municipalities on board, $1,000 with three municipality partnerships, or
$1,500 should two municipalities of the four sign up.


way budgets have gone in municipalities, unfortunately two of them
won’t be able to help out this year, they won’t be able to join in,”
said Thorn, noting that Minden Hills and Dysart et al are interested in
the app but might be able to join next year.


we like to be the change makers, eh, front of the pack?” said Moffatt,
saying it was disappointing the other two municipalities couldn’t join
in terms of cost savings. 

Deputy Mayor
Liz Danielsen said she thought Minden Hills and Dysart might have
questions about the application’s viability, as well, despite a thorough

“Hopefully any concerns
they have could be allayed over the year, and again, let someone else
reinvent the wheel, if we’re going to put it in place, also Highlands
East, there should be some very solid feedback for them to get on board
next year.”


In Algonquin Highlands, the app could be in place by Canada Day weekend.