/Diner opening a protest owner says 
Customers were seated on the deck at the Minden 50s Diner on the morning of Friday May 29, 2020 in what owner Jason Lake said was a protest against provincial restrictions on restaurants amid the COVID-19 pandemic. /FILE photo

Diner opening a protest owner says 

By Chad Ingram

Jason Lake the owner of the Minden 50sDiner says that opening to some sit-down customers at his restauranton May 29 is a form of protest against provincial restrictions amidthe COVID-19 pandemic.

Under those restrictions restaurantsare able to be open for take-out and delivery only.

On the morning of May 29 umbrellaswere up on the diner's deck with some customers seated outside.

“You can walk into pretty much anybig box store here locally . . . and walk around and do whatever youwant” Lake told the Times adding that restaurants should be giventhe chance to implement social distancing protocols. “We have morecontrol” Lake said pointing out that in a restaurant customersare stationary.

Last week Lake had broadcast on hisbusiness's Facebook page that he intended to open despite theprovincial order saying his business couldn't afford to lose anymore money While there has been some financial assistance from thegovernment Lake says it doesn't go far enough.

“Our season here is four months”he said explaining the bulk of his income is made during May JuneJuly and August.

“I've had a couple of warnings”Lake said telling the paper he'd received correspondence from apublic health agency referring him to the provincial legislationsaying he is not to open the restaurant's dining room. He said OPPcruisers had also been circling.

When the Times contacted Lake justbefore 10 a.m. on May 29 he said he'd had a few customers and that theywere just about to leave.

“I think that's all I'm going to dofor today” he said explaining he was trying to make a statement.