/Eskedjian no longer hospital CEO

Eskedjian no longer hospital CEO

Haliburton Highlands Health Services has officially announced that CEO Varouj Eskedjian is leaving the corporation.

In a press release sent to media Thursday morning the board announced that Eskedjian has left and chief nursing executive Carolyn Plummer has become interim CEO.

"As CEO over the last three years Mr. Varouj Eskedjian has been instrumental in developing a vision for our future and the delivery of health services generally in Haliburton County" reads the release.

HHHS is now looking "for the next generation of leadership to build on this base and take the organization to the next level."

"The board deeply appreciates the challenges that are involved in managing in this complex arena and bringing multiple service providers and cultures together into one new and aligned organization. This is why it has concluded that new leadership skill sets are required to inspire our people to bring the organization to the next level and to lead the important process of building one team and shaping a shared culture at HHHS" the release states.