/Food truck serves up grub starting May 19

Food truck serves up grub starting May 19

A food truck at the Stanhope Airport will start dishing out greasy goodness on Friday May 19 the beginning of the May long weekend.

Councillors voted to proceed with a licensing agreement with Delightful Temptations during their May 5 meeting.

The truck operated by the same woman who’s been running the restaurant at the Lindsay airport for the past 13 years will offer typical food truck staples such as burgers fries and poutine.

“Hopefully her food will prove to be good enough that people will keep going back” said Reeve Carol Moffatt.

While the township does own a cook shack at the facility it would require significant work that could be costly to bring the building’s propane griddle up to a working standard.

Council has been looking at other options for the provision of food at the airport.

Councillor Marlene Kyle asked about health inspections.

“Once she brings the vehicle to the site it has to be inspected” airport manager Cam Loucks said.

Ongoing inspections are the job of the local health unit.

The licensing agreement is in place until late October of this year at which point council can assess whether it wants to pursue another agreement for the 2017 season.