/Haliburton Highlands Time Travellers back on the road

Haliburton Highlands Time Travellers back on the road

Vintage car aficionados were chatting, burgers were cooking and sweet rides were being admired at the first cruise night of the year hosted by the Haliburton Highlands Time Travellers.

Thirty vehicles of club members were on display at Carquest Auto Parts in Minden for the June 9 event, advertised as being rain or shine. The evening ended with a free car wash when the rain briefly returned after a brief pause, followed by a blue sky with double rainbow. Cruises take place throughout the week from 5:30 to 8 until September, sometimes a few times a week. For more information follow the Haliburton Highlands Time Travellers on Facebook. /Photos by SUE TIFFIN Staff


15: Edgewater Grill, Kinmount

16: Head Lake Park, Haliburton

21: Curry Motors, Haliburton

23: Kawartha Dairy, Minden

30: Ideal Supply, Haliburton


1: Canada Day, Minden

6: Eagle Lake Country Market

7: Kawartha Dairy, Minden

14: Head Lake Park, Haliburton

20: Edgewater Grill, Kinmount

21: Kawartha Dairy, Minden

28: Head Lake Park, Haliburton


4: Kawartha Dairy, Minden

10: Eagle Lake Country Market

11: Head Lake Park, Haliburton

17: Edgewater Grill, Kinmount

18: Kawartha Dairy, Minden

23: Head Lake Park, Haliburton


1: Kawartha Dairy, Minden

8: Head Lake Park, Haliburton