/Highlands Storage encourages reviews with SIRCH donation

Highlands Storage encourages reviews with SIRCH donation

By Darren Lum

Highlands Storage owner Petra Hamann is looking to raise money and the profile for her favourite charity, SIRCH Community Services this year with her Donation for Review initiative.

For every customer review submitted before Dec. 25 about the Carnarvon-based storage business, she will add $15 to its donation to SIRCH this year.

Being a local business owner for more than 10 years has given her insight into the people who live here and who have used her service. She believes in supporting a cause in the community that helps to address important local issues and that directly helps people.
The business’s strength is its commitment to its customers, she said.
“We care for our customers, their unique situations, and their needs … self-storage typically offers only very limited opportunities to forge a client relationship, so the Donation for Review drive simply gives us a rare opportunity to show that we care, to connect with, and at the same time also to engage our customers. We donate and they help raise the funds,” she wrote in an email. “From a business viewpoint, the best representation that we can get is truthful customer feedback posted on our website. Naturally, despite best intentions, everyone can get a little hesitant when it comes to writing something up. Helping to raise money for SIRCH is just the little nudge to make it happen. Also, I am sure, our Donation for Review drive introduces SIRCH to some who might not have heard about the organization before and [will] maybe engage beyond leaving a comment on our website.”

SIRCH offers many programs, providing training for people to find employment through Ready for Retail and Cook it Up, and offering resources and social enterprises such as the Thrift Warehouses in Haliburton and Bancroft to create resilience, confidence and connection. Other programs include the Apple Sauce Project, Lunch is on Us, School’s Cool and support for new mothers with Bumps & Babies (Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program).

This is the second year for Highlands Storage’s Donation for Review drive.
Hamann said this idea could be used by other businesses.
Over the past several years, she has followed SIRCH’s efforts in the community on social media and in traditional media. She said SIRCH’s values resonated with her.

“Currently our programs and social enterprises reflect our vision: to have thriving communities where each person feels connected, supported and encouraged,” SIRCH’s website reads. “Our focus is on creating resilience, reducing poverty and encouraging connection.”
“I think they have made a difference and will continue to help advance this community,” Hamann said.
“The SIRCH initiatives empower and enable individuals to ultimately follow their own paths, build on the strengths that everyone has, address environmental concerns, open up young minds for the value of education, connect people who otherwise may not have a support network, and much more.”

Get your reviews posted to www.highlands-storage.com before the Dec. 25 deadline to be counted towards the SIRCH donation. Hamann’s goal is to raise $1,000 with the support of customers.