/Kids cultivate kindness activity in Minden 

Kids cultivate kindness activity in Minden 

By Sue Tiffin

Last week a group of cousins brought a fresh offer of colour and kindness to Minden.
“Our daughter Kadyn is very in tune with what is going on around her andthe world” mom Kayla Gillooly told the Minden Times . “She wanted to dosomething nice for people. She had no one specific in mind just wantedto make someone’s day.”

Meanwhile Kadyn’s cousin Lucas Shaw hadtold his mom the week prior that he wanted to participate in an act ofkindness one day. The four kids – nine-year-old Kadyn Gilloolyfive-year-old Kienan Gillooly five-year-old Lucas Shaw andthree-year-old Logan Shaw discussed together a way in which they couldhelp bring kindness during a trying time in history.
“They came upwith many ideas including giving out caterpillars so people could watchthem turn into butterflies” said Kayla. “They ended up agreeing onhanding out flowers because flowers make people smile.”

NorthernHVAC Co. owned by Kayla and Kieran Gillooly purchased 60 flowers from a local shop and the kids wrapped each one with a tag that said“Kindness is spreading sunshine in other people’s lives regardless ofthe weather.”
“The kids would walk up to anyone they saw hand them a flower and [say] ‘this is for you’” said Kayla. When recipients asked what the gift was for the kids replied with “it’s to make you smile.”

“We like to say that the world is full of kind people but if youcan’t find one be one” said Kayla.  She noted that it wouldn’t be asurprise to see the kids out and about in the future trying again toadd a moment of kindness to people’s days.