/Kinmount residents evaluating damage following severe storm on Sunday
Trees broken and uprooted by strong winds on Sunday Aug. 2 fell across the cemetery property on County Road 121 in Kinmount. A cleanup effort was underway on Monday. The area was issued a tornado warning at the time. /JENN WATT Staff

Kinmount residents evaluating damage following severe storm on Sunday

Update: Environment Canada confirmed to CBC News Monday that a tornado did touch down in Kinmount. One of their meteorologists told the CBC the tornado was classified as EF-1 with winds about 150 kilometres per hour.

Neighbours municipal workers hydro crews and local businesses were out in Kinmount on Monday morning cleaning up after what many are describing as a tornado went through the village around 5 p.m. on Sunday Aug. 2.

Trees were ripped down by wind uprooted in many cases fences collapsed a garage reduced to a pile of its contents and items strewn around. Damage is apparent in the area along County Road 121 on the south side of the village and Bobcaygeon Road.

Jamie Jones said when he noticed the wind change directions on Sunday he headed for the basement of his Bobcaygeon Road home. “It sounded like a train” he said on Monday morning standing among large downed trees on his front lawn.

Fallen trees cover the front lawn at Jamie Jones's residence on Bobcaygeon Road in Kinmount on Aug. 3. /JENN WATT Staff

Although he lost many trees damage to his home was minimal. He doesn't know of any injuries from the storm. “The fire department was around checking on everybody” he said. “Everyone’s OK as far as I know.”

Amie Rummenie who lives across the road from Jones said she was cooking dinner when the weather app on her phone gave her a tornado warning. She called upstairs to her husband who had just got out of the shower and at first he didn’t say anything.

“Next thing I heard the wind and he came running down the stairs [saying] ‘get in the basement.’ And that’s when we grabbed our three kids and went into the basement” she said.

After the storm had passed Rummenie who is a personal support worker checked in on her neighbours. “… Last night when we came out I walked to each house and said hi and everyone seemed OK” she said.

The family’s house had some shingle damage and their chicken coop was demolished; they still have six of their seven chickens. The pergola her husband built five years ago when they first moved in will also need to be rebuilt.

Toppled trees are removed from Amie Rummenie's backyard following the storm. /JENN WATT Staff

“The canoe’s in the tree over there and the boat’s in the baseball diamond” Rummenie said.

She said the community response had been “absolutely phenomenal.”

“I’ve got people I don’t even know who live across town here helping which is fantastic. And the hydro crews and the town have been awesome. They’ve worked so quickly” she said.

Residents on the road mentioned that several local companies had volunteered to help with the cleanup.

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