/Labour of Love shared
Local musician Jeff Moulton is proud of his work to have his album, Labour of Love ready for sale. Submitted

Labour of Love shared

By Darren Lum
Jeff Moulton’s first album comes from the heart
It’s a love fulfilled for a local musician ready to share his passion for music with his first album.
Ingoldby’s Jeff Moulton might have been born in Toronto, but his heart always belonged to the Highlands where his family went to a cottage built by his father in 1960.
Labour of Love really is that for Moulton, who is a regular performer in Haliburton County.

At 60-plus, Moulton recognized the challenge of trying to sing some of the songs on the album, but believes he did well. Completing this classic-rock album taught him he still has the passion for music and the determination to see something to its conclusion.
“So, I thought, you know, you got to make hay while you can. I can still do this right now. So I’m going to do it while I can still do it,” he said.
He lives in Ingoldsby and moved up here full-time 10 years ago when he retired from his “9 to 5 regular job.” He always considered the Highlands as his second home when he was working in the city and has always loved it up here for the setting and the community.
Moulton said this album, which includes songs he has written over his life, particularly when he was living in Oshawa, doesn’t have auto tune and “what you hear is what you get.”
His engineer Rick Joudrey didn’t believe in it, he said. Moulton produced the album over three months earlier this spring at Joudrey’s studio, Anaxjuniusmusic located in Maynooth. The majority of the instrumentation was by Moulton and Joudrey, who accompanied the vocals with drums, keyboard and bass.

Moulton said his inspiration comes from the music written and performed by popular bands he grew up with, which includes the Beatles, who are at the top of the list, Deep Purple, Foreigner and Bad Company to name a few.
Another influence in his life was the late-Bill Jasma.
The album’s three songs, Maxine, The Dance and The Loneliest Man in the World, are a tribute to his cousin (by marriage) and mentor, Jasma. His mentor had a band with Brendan Flanagan and Chris Bosy in the 1980s, who wrote these songs. Moulton wanted to share them with others since they were never recorded.
He said this album was an attempt at “trying to put out the best stuff that I’ve written and [what]my cousin’s band wrote, and it’s a very classic rock nature, which was what I was brought up with. So, that’s what the album sounds like. So, if you’re a fan of that genre of music, I think you would like this album.”

Moulton said the album was delayed by COVID, health issues and other circumstances.
Just being able to complete this album is a success.
“So, just the fact that I was even able to complete the project for me is, is a measure of a success. I didn’t know if I’d ever get to that point with everything that was going on,” he said.
He is grateful for being able to meet Joudrey, who was instrumental in this process to complete the album. He met his engineer through Facebook and after correspondence (with delays due to the pandemic) the two were able to come together this past spring to record the album, which was released a few weeks ago.
This is passion project that Moulton wanted to complete for a few years.
“It’s just something that’s been on my bucket list for a while,” he said.
See Moulton live at the Trading Bay Dining Co. in Dorset from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 4, at the Dominion Hotel in Minden from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Sept. 9 and at the Haliburton Highlands Brewery from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 11.
For more information about Jeff Moulton and his album go to his website at
jefferymoulton1.wixsite.com. Find his album on iTunes and Spotify.