/Lakeland Millwork and Windows open new store in Minden

Lakeland Millwork and Windows open new store in Minden

By Grace Oborne

After being a resident of Minden for 30 years, founder of Lakeland Millwork and Windows, Andi Schollig, decided to open up a store called The Toolbox on Bobcaygeon Road in 2020.

Lakeland Millwork and Windows Inc. was founded more than 20 years ago, and “specializes in custom millwork, window and door installations,” noted the website. Schollig started her career after graduating from the architectural drafting technician program at George Brown.
The Toolbox operates under Lakeland Millwork and Windows, and provides customers with various inventory that suits one’s woodworking needs. Although the store is up and running, Schollig expects it won’t be in full operation until next year.

“Toolbox, by next year will be in its full running operation. We’ll have workshops, a wide range of tools supplied by different partners, nice finishes for your wood projects, unique carving tools, cutting tools, and drill bits. The plus side to all this, is that anyone will be able to try every tool that’s here before buying it,” Schollig noted.  

Some of the partners that The Toolbox is working with are Bosch Canada, Grace North Windows, Richelieu Hardware, and Robert Burry Peterborough. Beyond that, Schollig offers a wide range of services and products.
As stated on the company’s website, custom millwork, installation of trim, doors, and windows, minor renovations, and custom straight chairs are just some of the services that are offered.
“Our services are a wide range of custom millwork,” said Schollig. “If you have a project that you’re thinking of that uses unique wood that you’re unable to find, I can certainly find it for you. I have a large source supply. We have a big barn that is full, and we have two outbuildings that are full. And I also partnered with a couple other mills in the area.” said Schollig.

Schollig is very at home in Minden, and feels that opening a store here made the most sense, “My wife passed away two years ago, and she was very active in the community. We raised four children here and even coached baseball, but I worked a lot so I didn’t see a lot of it,” explained Schollig.

“I live just around the corner so T-rex [Schollig’s dog], and I were walking and we saw the ‘for sale’ sign. It was like she [Schollig’s late wife] hit me in the back of the head with a two by four and said ‘buy it’. We were due to build a home shop on the highway because we have a farm property there, but it just made more sense to buy this building.” The business is located in the former Organic Times building near Sunnybrook Bridge.

Schollig believes in giving back to the community. “I’m not trying to be competition,” she said. “I’m here to help. I want us all to come together.”
Schollig is bringing back the Highland garden chair and reaching out to all individuals to come spend time.
“We produce the chairs in Haliburton, here at the shop, and the proceeds the Highland garden chair will go to the Haliburton mental health facility. We’re a LGBTQ+ safe zone. Therefore, if there is anybody with issues or someone needs to talk, I welcome you to come, chill and relax,” said Schollig.

In the coming months, Lakeland Millwork and Windows will begin its store expansion by adding a carport to the back for more wood storage.

For more information, visit www.lakelandmillworkandwindows.com/ or call Schollig at 416-427-9050.