/Minden denturist opens new clinic
Minden denturist Steve Kerr sets up a denture hand-positioning the teeth in a wax mould model of a patient’s jaw.

Minden denturist opens new clinic

By Vanessa Balintec
from his father’s practice and into his own, Steve Kerr has ventured
not too far down the road from Dentistry in the Highlands and has opened
up a denture clinic under his own name.
Kerr Denture Clinic, located on 143 Bobcaygeon Road in Minden, offers
full denture services, including consultation, design, production, and
repair of dentures to clients of all ages. After almost three years of
providing his service at his father’s practice and half a year of
renovations,  Kerr is excited to take the next step in his career.
been lucky because I’ve been able to ease into it a little bit,” said
Kerr, who officially opened for business on June 17. “I was able to save
as I go and build some confidence before I made a much bigger move. But
it’s been exciting and stressful, everything you would expect for
someone to make a large investment in their business. I’ve been here a
week, and I’m enjoying it and finding it much better than I was even
coming from a long line of dentists, has learned a lot from working
alongside family and is excited for the partnership to continue.
was awesome,” he said about his experience working with his father Bill
Kerr and uncle Michael Cusato. “It’s kind of a family affair. So now,
it’s really convenient they’re kind of my main referral source right
across the road.” 
his work is separate from his father and uncle’s general dental
practice, the two businesses regularly work together to help provide
service to their clients.
pretty common for either of us to be meeting a patient, and their
treatment plan and my treatment plan need to be on the same page,” said
Kerr. “It’s really handy.”
he’s not working from his office in Minden, he travels to work in
Scarborough. To help out his clients, he accommodates house calls and
retirement home calls for those who have trouble with transportation and
just a service we can offer to make things easier on people,” said
Kerr. “If people have a difficult time coming in, that’s something I can
of office work and home visits, his career follows him in his
philanthropic work – he continues to volunteer his time at the Volunteer
Dental Outreach for Haliburton County and visits El Porvenir in
think I’m lucky,” said Kerr. “I work hard, but have also had a lot of
breaks going for me. I think that it only makes sense to help people
that haven’t had the same breaks I’ve had – I try not to take too much
credit for my success.”
But it’s his passion for his job that helps make things fall into place.
definitely love my job. I get to make people’s smiles. I get to make
something with my hands and interact with people and sort of see the
difference in their faces. It’s easy to be excited about it, it’s easy
to be passionate about it because it just is a cool job.”

Kerr Denture Clinic will be having an open house on Friday, July 5 at 3
p.m. at 143 Bobcaygeon Road. For more information, you can visit www.stevekerrdentureclinic.com

, email staff at stevekerr.denturist@gmail.com or call 705-286-4888.