/Minden Hills supports Blue Dot movement 

Minden Hills supports Blue Dot movement 

By Chad Ingram

The following are brief reports of items discussed during a Jan. 28 meeting of Minden Hills council.

Minden Hills councillors passed a resolution supporting the Blue Dot movement a campaign from the David Suzuki Foundation calling on municipal governments to encourage provincial governments to encourage the federal government to add the right to a clean environment to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  In the county  the campaign was promoted by Environment Haliburton members of which visited local councils last year requesting support.

Insurance costs rise

Insurance premiums for the township are going up nine per cent to nearly $275000 plus provincial sales tax. Meghan Callaghan of Jardine Lloyd Thompson Canada Inc. told councillors the increase was caused by three factors. One was that while the rate under the township’s automobile policy had remained the same the township had added vehicles to its fleet. The second was that while rates had stayed the same under the township’s property policy assessment had increased the value of the holdings by two per cent. The third factor was liability with Callaghan noting some “adverse development” in claims in 2015. “Minden has consistent claims years after year after year” she said.

Extra cost for retaining wall

A retaining wall at the Scotch Line landfill cost an extra $4000. In October council approved the construction of a retaining wall in the recycling bin area at the landfill for just under $17000. A staff report showed that when the old wall was removed it became evident the new foundation would require additional support and extra ditching was required. Staff approved the additional work totally just less than $4000 as the contractor was already on site a report shows.

Property purchases

Council approved the purchase of alum pumps for the township’s waste water plant for approximately $11500. The pumps deliver aluminum phosphate to the plant’s aeration tanks.
Software upgrade

Council gave pre-budget approval for a $20000 software upgrade in the building and bylaw department. The department purchased CityView software which went live in July of last year.

Tandem truck

Council granted pre-budget approval for the purchase of a tandem truck for the roads department. Part of the township’s asset management plan the tandem truck with plow equipment will cost $240000.