/No BIA in Minden for now 

No BIA in Minden for now 

By Chad Ingram

There will be no business improvement area in Minden at least for the time being.

The potential creation of a BIA was one of the items on economic development destination and marketing officer Emily Stonehouse’s to-do list when she stepped into the role a new one for the township last fall.

A business improvement area is different than a business association the latter being a collective of business owners working together on promotional ideas cross-promotion beautification projects etc. and the former being a group of building owners within a defined geographic area who are mandated to contribute financially to such efforts. Downtown Haliburton has a BIA for example.

“This is something I’ve decided to revise slightly” said Stonehouse who’s been in discussions with business owners. Instead of a formal BIA Stonehouse said she’s looking at creating a sort of business stakeholder committee which could potentially evolve into a BIA in the future.

Last year Minden Hills was approved for $43000 in funding for main street revitalization activities and Stonehouse had compiled a list of items on which that money will be spent. There is $6000 allotted for wayfinding signage and murals some of which are to feature the art of Andre Lapine. There is $5000 for waste receptacles in downtown Minden; $5000 for benches; $7000 for decorative lighting; $1500 for custom planter boxes; $10000 for additional planters; $1500 for hanging baskets; $1000 for event signage; and $1000 to upgrade shrub beds.

There is also $5000 allotted for beautifying the bus stop area at Minden Mercantile & Feed Co. which Stonehouse noted is an entry point to the community “and is essentially a parking lot.”