/Reconsidering our electricity sources

Reconsidering our electricity sources

By Jenn Watt

Published April 6 2017

Hydro rates are one of the most important issues to Ontarians right now. Polling indicates that above all other issues more people in the province choose electricity as their No. 1 concern than any other.
Rising costs coupled with increased alarm at the rate of climate change brings an urgency to reforming the energy system in the province but solutions aren’t always clear.

Angela Bischoff outreach director of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance will help clarify the issues in her upcoming talk “Hydro Rates the Nuclear Power Debt and Climate Change” on April 11 at the Minden United Church.
Bischoff’s organization supported the province’s coal phase-out and is critical of the province’s reliance on nuclear power which needs major investment in the coming years.
“When you look at the impact on the taxpayer and the ratepayer nuclear power contributes substantially more to our electricity costs and other electricity options” she said in an interview with the Minden Times .

Currently 60 per cent of Ontario’s electricity is nuclear power which the alliance says is too expensive and is not as clean as many think.
“I wouldn’t say that leaving a legacy of nuclear waste for a million years is a very sustainable option. I wouldn’t call that a clean electricity option” she said.
“And also the cost: we’re still paying down the debt from the nuclear reactors built decades ago.”
Bischoff will be reviewing the various electricity sources and their costs both financial and environmental during her upcoming talk. The subject matter is geared to audiences with all knowledge levels.

This is part of Environment Haliburton’s Enviro Café series. Bischoff will be speaking on Tuesday April 11 at 7:30 p.m. at the Minden United Church 21 Newcastle St. Minden. There is no cost to attend.