/Scott's Dam Bridge to come down 
Scott's Dam Bridge built in 1930 is in bad shape. Constructed as a single-lane vehicle bridge today is used as pedestrian walkway.

Scott's Dam Bridge to come down 

By Chad Ingram

Published Aug. 4 2016

Scott’s Dam Bridge at Canning Lake will be demolished when the federal government reconstructs the Canning Lake dam.

It was announced earlier this summer the feds will invest another $270 million upgrading Trent Severn Waterway infrastructure some $40 million of that allotted for work on dams in Haliburton County that are part of the TSW feeder system. Most of that work is scheduled to take place next year.

Next to the dam at Canning Lake – which will receive a $3-million overhaul – is the Scott’s Dam Bridge. Built in 1930 the single-lane bridge is no longer used for vehicle traffic but is used as a pedestrian walkway.

As part of the work on the dam Parks Canada has offered to demolish the bridge adding a walkway to the top of the rehabilitated dam at Canning Lake.

“In order to facilitate construction on the dam we are proposing to remove the bridge as part of the project costs” reads a June 23 letter from Parks Canada. “To foster a good relationship with the community and the township Parks Canada Agency is prepared to incorporate a pedestrian walkway as  part of the dam construction works.”

That was an offer Minden Hills councillors gratefully accepted during their July 28 meeting

“As long as the pedestrian traffic is allowed across it we are as happy as clams” said Reeve Brent Devolin.

A report from roads staff noted the deteriorated condition of the bridge including exposed rebar and protruding metal.

“Staff recognize the historic value of the bridge however the cost of repair exceeds the cost of replacement including a walking bridge” the report read.