/Self-published author welcomes readers to Bolfodier
Nick Sutcliffe a Carnarvon resident is proud of his first self-published fantasy novel The Kanta Chronicles. He called the novel the greatest accomplishment of his life. /DARREN LUM Staff

Self-published author welcomes readers to Bolfodier

By Darren Lum
Nick Sutcliffe said The Kanta Chronicles represents the greatest accomplishment in his life.
Carnarvon resident’s epic debut novel is set in the fictional world of
Bolfodier and spans two generations, focusing on the lives of four
members of the House of Kanta “as each tries to survive the trials of
leadership, destiny and love,” according to the author’s website.
is set apart from our world through the element of magic, how the sun
rises in the north and sets in the south, days are 25 hours long, there
are 14 months in a year, each month is 30 days long, and the farther
north one travels, the warmer it gets and the opposite occurs the
farther south one travels. 
from Alliston, Ont., the 26-year-old Windsor University drama graduate
moved to the Highlands because of a family cottage on Lake
lives in Carnarvon with his brother and works at Minden Valumart. His
books can be found next to the cash registers at the grocery store,
which is located at Highway 35 and Water Street. It can also be
purchased online at Amazon, and Indigo.
started as an epic poem he wrote to pass the time in Grade
11 biology. His inspiration was a friend who turned the 16-week NFL
season into poetry.
made it seem like a lot more like epic wars than the 16 weeks of games
that it actually is,” he said. “He read the piece to the class and it
was like you know what? I want to do something like that.”
wasn’t until a year later in Grade 12 when he started to write it out
into prose, completing the first part. He took some time off from it,
but two years later in university he finished writing the last two parts
of the book. 
Fiction was a form of escape for him in high school. 
blog says he “led the life of the typical high school loser. This in
turn led him to delve into reading and writing fantasy as a means to
escape the mundane boredom of daily life.”
His influences include trivia, entertainment, history, religion and mythologies.
self-described “metal head” said music is a constant companion while he
writes in the evening hours after dinner. His bands of choice include
Motley Crue and Nightwish, a Finnish symphonic metal band. 
The Chronicles were published more than two years ago and isn’t the only thing he’s written.
Next to be published is Lucifier and Lilith. The next project he is working on is Supernatural Mortem.
loves writing because of “the freedom of it.” He said it allows him to
live out what he can imagine and serves as an “emotional preeminent
catharsis to my loneliness.”
None of this would be possible without his parents, he said. 
are at the top of the thank you page listed in his novel. He credits
them for always being supportive of his artistic endeavours and for
helping distribute his book to people.
His advice for other people who are interested in writing is to not compromise your story for anyone and stay true to your work.
“Be brave and take the first step. Put yourself out there to be published,” he said.
Part of his process includes posting his work online and reading the comments or feedback.
When people ask for more, it drives him to continue. 

boosts my morale and gives me the extra confidence to go out there and
say I want to officially publish this so more people can see it and fall
in love with it,” he said.
Learn more about the book and stay up to date with Sutcliffe through his blog at www.bolfodier.ca.