/Total fire ban in Haliburton County

Total fire ban in Haliburton County

By Chad Ingram

Published July 12 2018

On Monday the county's fire chiefsissued a total fire ban for Haliburton County.

This means no outdoor burning of anykind any time of day and also applies to campfires fireworks andcharcoal barbecues.

“Dry conditions high heat and thelack of forecasted precipitation has led to an extreme fire risk”read a press release from the Township of Minden Hills. “The fireban applies to all outdoor burning including campfire agriculturalburns and brush burn piles.”

According to the release the fire banis expected to remain in place in place until the community receivesa significant amount of rainfall.

The county's fire departments areurging caution.

“Please be aware that any spark couldcause a fire – be vigilant with discarding cigarette butts matchesand other items that can cause a spark and/or fire” the releasereads. “There are no exceptions for cooking or warmth unlesspreparing your meal on a propane barbecue. Fireworks flyinglanterns contained fires or open flames are considered open airburning and are prohibited during a fire ban.”

Burning permits will not be issuedduring the ban and permits that have been issued are not validduring the ban.

Violating the ban will result in fines.