/Union threatens to cease extracurriculars 

Union threatens to cease extracurriculars 

The OSSTF local representing area teachers and educational staff says its members will cease voluntary extracurricular activities starting in the fall if an agreement cannot be reached.

Trillium Lakelands District School Board is one of three boards in the province that haven’t reached an agreement with local members.

Last week OSSTF district 15 released a statement announcing it would be stepping up action in pursuit of an agreement.

“We have been very reluctant to take this step but at this point an agreement must be reached” OSSTF vice-president Cindy Dubue said in a release. “The vast majority of school boards have settled and by August the agreement will be only one year away from expiring.”

To step up their action the local says its members will stop running extracurriculars. They have already stopped providing comments on report cards and will not participate in graduation ceremonies.

“We will do our part to avoid disruption to sports clubs and trips but our members are certainly entitled to a local collective agreement that is similar to other agreements in the province” district 15 president Colin Matthew said in a release.

In previous interviews with the paper Matthew has said the union’s issues are with teacher performance appraisals and the language in the collective agreement around occasional teachers.