/Vet called to assist in dog investigation

Vet called to assist in dog investigation

Update (Feb. 13 2020): The Ministry of Solicitor General confirmed that eight dogs were removed from a property in Minden by animal welfare inspectors on Feb. 13. The spokeswoman said it was "as a result of the owner not complying with orders related to standards of care. The dogs are being sheltered at the Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes in Lindsay."  Asked about whether other dogs are still on the property as the original information from police had said 14 dogs the spokeswoman said: " As this is an ongoing investigation it would be inappropriate to provide further details."

An investigation is ongoing into an allegation of animal neglect in Minden Hills.

Police previously released information that a call had come in on Jan. 22 of 14 hunting dogs on a property on County Road 121 that were alleged to have been ill treated and kept in poor conditions.

On Monday a spokesperson for the Ministry of Solicitor General provided an update on the situation.

“An animal welfare investigation is underway at two properties in Minden. Inspectors have responded to both properties. A veterinarian has also been called in to assist. The inspectors and veterinarian are working with the owner of the dogs to provide the appropriate standards of care for the animals” she wrote.

Specific details were not provided because it is an active investigation the spokesperson said.

The OPP did not provide any updates when contacted earlier this week.