/Virtual Terry Fox Run needs organizers for 40th anniversary 
Minden has always supported Terry Fox Runs, whether with schools (as seen here by Archie Stouffer Elementary School students), or for the entire community. FILE

Virtual Terry Fox Run needs organizers for 40th anniversary 

By Sue Tiffin

The Terry Fox Run is going virtual across Canada this year fulfillingFox’s dream of the Marathon of Hope continuing despite his death in 1981 – but organizers are needed for the Minden and Haliburton communityruns this year.

Minden’s Terry Fox Run has been held from 1994 to2019 raising a total of $319024 while Haliburton has had a Terry FoxRun from 1981 to 2017 raising a total of $146165 for The Terry FoxFoundation and cancer research.
Kim Smith Ontario community eventscoordinator said she is actively looking for volunteers to act asorganizers for the local events which will be held virtually withparticipants taking part in any way they can from wherever they cansafely while respecting current physical distancing recommendationsduring the COVID-19 crisis.

“From now until September 20 we are inconstant communications with the organizers so that they can postemail text fax share tweet and talk about the event and let theircommunities know that the Terry Fox Run is virtual this year and that we will still honour Terry and the 40th anniversary of the Marathon ofHope” Smith told the Times. “As there are fewer physical logistics you can spend as much time as you like at your computer sharinginformation engaging your supporters in the community and inviting newsupporters to join in.”
In total 205 organizers are involved inpromoting Terry Fox Runs across Ontario while 650 communities acrossCanada are hosting the first-ever virtual Terry Fox Run this year.

“The response from our volunteers has been that they are united still theywill honour Terry we will remember him for his determination andindomitable spirit and they are raring to go in their communities toshare the news of the Virtual Terry Fox Run” said Smith. “We arestronger together that’s for sure!”
Terry Fox Runs have taken placein hundreds of communities thousands of schools and by millions ofsupporters across Canada for 40 years. The decision to host the annualevent virtually due to the spread of the novel coronavirus was announced to volunteers April 30.

“In these uncertain times the one certainty we have is that cancer is not waiting for COVID-19 to be over” reads a May 15 press release from the Terry Fox Foundation. “This yearCanadians will unite in spirit not in person for their own version ofthe Run on September 20 2020. ‘Terry Fox Run 2020. One Day. Your Way.’Millions of Terry Foxers will continue to honour Terry aided by newtechnology that will enhance the virtual participation experience byproviding a way to “get fundraising get inspired and get fit.”
Those interested in registering for the run can visit terryfox.org/run .