/Letters to the EditorLetters to the EditorDearest TerryBarbara Rosen

Letters to the EditorLetters to the EditorDearest TerryBarbara Rosen

Dearest Terry

Yesterday was your special day Sunday Sept. 16 2018 marked the 38th Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research. I surprised myself. I finished. I walked the full 10K. I did it in Minden this year.

Since I saw you as I was walking south on Yonge St. in Thornhill Ont. in 1980 you touched my heart in a big way.  I have done the run 37 times except for last year. I sustained a big pain in my left hip and was in pretty rough shape last year. Leanne an osteopath in Haliburton who treated me recently remarked when I told her I was going to show up for the run this year “That’s a great motivation Barb.”

Terry I felt great yesterday no pain! I took in the open farmland the sun the clean air and the camaraderie of others and also the solitude. I decided to stop and drink water and eat a small treat at the water stations for the first four kilometres. I poured a cup or two of water over my head. I felt encouraged by the smiles of the volunteers at the stations. I enjoyed a really crunchy sweet and sour apple. I was touched by the show of generosity by the donations of food and drink.

As I walked the 8K mark an OPP officer rolled down his window “Are you OK?”

“I’m great! I’m going to finish.” I replied.

And then I heard your word as he replied “Awesome!” I learned that you had a big heart opening when you knew you couldn’t complete your run across Canada. I learned this about you from the recent article in the Minden Times recounting your brother’s visit to Minden the week before the run. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there. Your brother said something like Terry let us know he wanted all of us to finish the run for him.

Thank you Terry! You’re my hero! I raised $262 this year for cancer research. When I reached the finish a local volunteer Jack Brezina well-known in the community was there to ring me in. I felt like a hero too. He used an old brass school bell. And that touched my heart too as I am a retired teacher.

Barbara Rosen