/Arena proposal inadequate

Arena proposal inadequate

Arena proposal inadequate

To the Editor,

attending the open house information meeting in Minden on Dec. 17, I am
a very frustrated taxpayer. This was the first official outline of the
new community centre I have had the opportunity to see first hand. I was
advised the decision was made to make the multi-purpose gym smaller to
help pay for a larger 200-foot ice surface. I have been playing seniors
hockey for years and never knew the old 185-foot surface was so
inadequate. I’m sure most of the under 12-year-old hockey players did
not know either. My point is if the larger ice surface is best, fine.
But why should the most important room in the facility to me, be

room could be used for basketball, volleyball, badminton, floor hockey
and many other uses by all age groups if in its original larger size.
Fenelon Falls community room even has an easy-to-assemble stage. When
involved as a convenor in past Senior Games, a lack of proper facilities
was a major problem in our area. We all know how beneficial large
events like this can be to our communities. Instead now the room is down
to three pickleball/badminton courts. If our mayor saw the number of
pickleball players trying to participate in Minden he would know a
three- court facility would be inadequate even before completion. 

been involved in several clubs trying to utilize local school
gymnasiums I know first hand how frustrating and unsuccessful this can
be further emphasizing the need for this type of facility.

last minute change was done to keep the present estimated cost of the
project under an arbitrary number of $12 million. We all know the final
cost will be higher despite promises. Now as a member of the largest and
fastest growing demographic group (seniors), a taxpayer in Minden for
over 30 years, I will not get a facility that will be great for the
future. Please don’t build me an inadequate, limited use facility and
then force me to pay for it.

David Lear