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Letters to the EditorLetters to the Editor

To the Editor

I want to give a big thank you to the CIBC in Minden for installing handrail  bars on the corner walls of the bank on Bobcaygeon Road. I have been concerned since the sidewalks were widened on the main street but narrowed at this corner due to the widening of the road. The sidewalk was sloped in an unsafe manner to the road. Winters have been dangerous here as the slope gets icy and has caused many to fall! I asked the reeve at that time if handrail bars could be installed on the bank wall but nothing happened. Whose authority was it? I tried again last month while banking.  The manager came outside with me to see what I was referring to. While in town today I was amazed to discover the handrails on the bank wall! When you make a place accessible for those with wheelchairs scooters or canes you are making it accessible for all seniors mothers with baby carriages or strollers toddlers everyone. What a simple solution for a difficult walking area!
Thank you again for helping us all to walk around that corner safely.

Lois Rigney
Chair Haliburton Highlands Stroke Support Group