/Irondale needs waste transfer station

Irondale needs waste transfer station

To the Editor,

The following is an open letter to Minden Hills council, copied to Times readers.

Submission of the attached petition and roadside photo serves to represent the Irondale area permanent and seasonal residents’ demand that a waste transfer yard be installed at the existing landfill site property or purchase a property in the area to accomplish same.
The residents in the area have been serviced with a landfill site for approximately 50 years and this service should continue based on the tax dollars the municipality derives from this portion of the municipality. This is an unjust action on the part of the municipality due to lack of forethought and poor planning.
Having to transport household waste for a significant distance to another waste disposal site places undue inconvenience on the taxpayers in this area causing for a greater consumption of vehicular fuel which is not needed in these times of global warming.
Environmentally, this will be a detriment to this area as there is no doubt that some irresponsible taxpayers will be littering along the roadsides and onto people’s private properties due to the lack of waste disposal service provided by the municipality and their imprudent actions. This can presently be seen in the attached photo I took just today [Sept. 14] on the Irondale Road illustrating waste litter that was deposited by somebody last Sunday (presumably seasonal resident heading southward). For a whole week (every day for some reason) a municipal vehicle has passed by this garbage and not stopped to pick it up off of municipal property fronting private property. This is a disgrace and demonstrates disregard and remiss on the part of the municipality.
As per the attached petition (not completed due to COVID-19) the taxpayers in this area demand that council install a waste disposal transfer yard at the existing landfill site or else purchase a suitable property in the area to accomplish same.

Dennis C. Simmons