/Letters to the Editor: Dec. 15

Letters to the Editor: Dec. 15

Letters to the Editor published in the Dec. 15 edition of the Minden Times.

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To the Editor: 

Research also finds truth and knowledge in fiction, and improves your vocabulary.

Current research comes to same conclusions that HHSS master teacher Christine Carr does (“HHSS students finding truth behind fiction,” Minden Times, Dec.8): Those who read more fiction know more about the world and develop a greater understanding of others. (I served as foreman of a jury about 25 years ago. After I read John Grisham’s The Runaway Jury, I realized I could have been a much better foreman.) Another benefit: Studies also consistently show that readers have larger vocabularies, spell better, and write better.

Stephen Krashen
Professor Emeritus
University of Southern California

Lots of thoughts on Orde Street

To the Editor,

May I congratulate Adele Espina on her well-researched article on Orde Street.

She mentions that E.D. Orde owned Lots 5 and 6 Concession A as well as Lot 3. 

I surmise that Lot 4 was owned by the MacKay family (of MacKayville fame). Lot 5 ran from MacKay Street to the school and Lot 6 from the school up to Fleming Road.

NOTE: Concession A was composed of “Range Lots.” These lots had 10 chain (660 feet) frontages on Bobcaygeon Road and were 100 chains (6600 feet) deep. (One acre equals 10 square chains).

It would be interesting to find out when the school (Lot 6) was built and the property changed hands AND when Lot 5 changed hands and became the other half of MacKayville.

Perhaps Adele Espina could look into the history of these two lots in another column. She certainly did a terrific job on the history of Orde Street.

Looking forward to more “History in the Highlands.”

William K. Beers