/Letters to the Editor: Nov. 24

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 24

Letters to the Editor published in the Nov. 17 edition of the Minden Times.

An undeniable buzz

To the Editor,

Like many other county residents, I found myself on the sidewalk along Bobcaygeon Road on Saturday morning, awaiting the start of the first Minden Santa Claus Parade in two years.

It was surreal to see the main drag lined with so many human beings. The faded familiarity of a not-so-distant dream. An undeniable buzz hovering in the air above the village.

Our youngest daughter is two-and-a-half years old, so, as we approach the two-year mark of the pandemic, the last time she was at any event of such magnitude, she was an infant.

I held her in my arms, watching her eyes explode with wonder. The lights and sirens of fire trucks and police cruisers. Floats with bobbles and tinsel and wintry scenes. Marching bands. Everyone waving at her. Santa Claus.

Thank you to the Township of Minden Hills, the parade organizers, the volunteers, the musicians (especially Hugh Taylor), and to the businesses that so quickly assembled floats to make the whole thing happen.

Chad Ingram
Minden Hills

The snow plow problem

To the Editor,

Thanks to Jim Poling Sr. (From Shaman’s Rock, Nov. 10) for a good explanation about snow plow insurance! 

Jim Love (Letter to the Editor, Nov. 17) is a good example of the problem. I believe it will continue until it is that you must report a slip and fall accident immediately, not days later. Then it can be determined footwear and actual conditions so we can prove the conditions at that time. Not try to do so months later! 

Tom Prentice Sr.